Parys Pharmacies

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Parys Group of Pharmacies

1. Geen & Velleman Pharmacy  2. Vredefort Pharmacy  

3. Roodt Pharmacy   4. Parys Pharmacy

5. Palm Gate Pharmacy

Main Pharmacy is Geen & Velleman Pharmacy, this is also the Emergency Pharmacy in Parys.

Working Hours:

Monday to Friday        08h00 to 19h00

Saturdays                    08h00 to 14h00

                                   17h00 to 19h00

Sundays                      09h00 to 13h00

                                   17h00 to 19h00           

Featured Product

First fully audible blood glucose management system in SA

Fast Test Time Small Sample Size

Large Screen Display Code Free Testing

Before & After Meal Indicator, Improve Your Control

Pack: 1 (1 meter + 10 lancets + 10 strips + lancing device + control solution), 100 lancets (sold separately), 50 strips (sold separately)

 Call : 056 811 2161  or  

Promotional Products  

Airmune System Support

Alka Fizz

Cipla Gelacid Suspension

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Emergency Pharmacy number
This number us for emergency's only !